Aesthetic dentistry


Aesthetic dentistry: dental practice in Uccle, Brussels

Cosmetic dentistry is a subfield of dentistry that aims to repair damaged, damaged or missing teeth. It requires the intervention of a professional who is responsible for repairing the teeth (remodeling, veneers, crowns, bridges, etc.) and/or improving their appearance (teeth whitening, natural-coloured filling materials) in order to to give you a natural and harmonious smile. The gums are also important for the aesthetics of your smile and their defects can be treated or treated with grafts.

Our clinic offers various state-of-the-art techniques to improve dental aesthetics and gingival aesthetics. The dental surgeons of our clinic located in Uccle will carry out all the necessary examinations and will advise you on the most appropriate treatments for your specific case.

Teeth whitening: dare to smile again

Teeth whitening is the treatment used to lighten the enamel and restore the natural color of the teeth. It reduces defects associated with tooth discoloration due to lifestyle (such as smoking, taking medications or eating certain foods). This treatment is not trivial: it must be preceded by a complete assessment with scaling and polishing by one of our specialists. He then takes impressions of both jaws in order to have silicone gutters made for use with an active whitening gel. We offer home (“outpatient”) teeth whitening with fast results. This treatment generally takes 15 days, but can be extended up to 6 weeks depending on the initial shade of your teeth and the concentration of the whitening gel. You will thus find a beautiful, dazzling smile without danger to your teeth.

Surgical aesthetic dentistry: veneers and dental prostheses and veneers.


The veneers are very thin coatings (0.5 mm) often in ceramic, sometimes in composite, bonded to the outer face of the teeth with very resistant adhesives. They make it possible to permanently mask defects such as deep staining, anomalies in the shape of the teeth or alignment, unsightly repairs or dental fractures. They are reserved for the front teeth and are visible.

Dental prostheses: crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays

When there is too little dental tissue left after a trauma or for the replacement of substantial fillings, we can offer you different types of fixed dental prostheses. The crown is a kind of cap that covers what remains of the tooth to consolidate it and restore the aesthetics and function of the tooth. The bridge (or dental bridge) replaces one or more teeth and relies on the adjacent teeth in the event that the root is no longer strong enough. An inlay replaces part of the tooth, while an onlay is a partial dental crown. Our specialists will advise you on the best solution for your specific case. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our dental surgeons.

Dr. Benjamin PERELLE

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